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The Feel-Good Feel-Up

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Very enjoyable!!. Loved the fever ray and Amos always does me good. What is up w/ratatat I feel they only have a few sounds to use. SOSB was a top 10 of mine last year!!Thx a bunch. I have fever ray on my latest too...

i like this one. it's kind of mellow -- mostly electronic stuff. most of the tracks are fairly danceable. it's a little melancholy. i think i expected a more 'pick-me-up' kind of mix, but it's good music for relaxation.

another killer fever ray track. the new HEALTH track is so huge. the school of seven bells song could have easily overtook "half asleep" as my favorite track of 2008. the moderat track is super redemptive and refreshing and purging, more like apparat's walls than modeselektor's happy birthday. this lindstrom song is a straight insane sonic hybrid (think rapture gets in a slow motion balloon fight with matthew herbert). the nathan fake track is going to make you wish you were dancing amongst the star-like strobes. yo i know the ratatat remix of the knife is super old but on it only has 39k listens vs. the original track's 468k listens, so i figured cause it's insane, i'd include it for anyone who loves the original track and loves ratatat but hasn't heard the remix. plus this ain't an exclusively new music thing. y'all know that. and finally: amon tobin. go nuts.