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I am so in love with the Lisia/May ship, you have no idea, so here's a pop playlist for them. This is super mushy and kinda cheesy, and more than a lot cliché, but it gives me all those "feels".

I don't care if the game hints at other pairings, the subtext is real. :P

Cover artitst:

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Ahh man I'm so sorry, this is a super cute pairing and a cute playlist but while trying to press play I accidentally flagged it NSFW and can't figure out how to unflag it

I know. I wish there was more fan art/fics of it, it's so good! Plus it's great to finally see a girlxgirl relationship in Pokemon canon, even if it's just subtext. :D (Plus all the other ships are basically subtext too

@anon-1243839553 I do, too. I haven't found many ORAS fics in general, honestly - Haven't looked for art. Anyway, yes! It's great to have some queer-lady semi-representation in the games at last.