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I believe in something sweet...


I'll make you laugh and tell you that everything will be okay, and that you'll find love and happiness again. You will..

I seriously don't know how to describe this mix, it basically has lots of my favorite songs and I promise you'll love it, that if you have a good taste, of course. 14 tracks including Damien Rice, Greg Laswell, The Mountain Goats and even more of this awesomeness!!!

12 tracks
5 comments on I believe in something sweet...

when people talk about the best music! You are the first to come in my mind, i hope that people know that you are the best person in the music, but at the same time i don't one of them to join me in the same beautiful things. happy eid malak v.v()

Aweeee sweetie!!!!!Thanks a lot for taking time and writing this, it really means a lot to me. You certainly have a good soul to say that. You know, not a lot of people share love and compliments nowadays :\
Thanks again. Have a splendid life, dear :")