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this feeling doesn't go away


i think i'm just gonna be hopelessly in love with you forever and there's nothing that either of us can do about it.

"There's no escape and the end's not something I'd be able to wait out, I have to lucidly keep going along and feel the cut grow and get infected before it even maybe won't heal, I looked up for a long time and my mouth got wide and chilly air filled my chest ... I saw the smoke from my chimney and felt my stomach roar and in the blue light I held on to my lack."

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wow, i am damn near fanatical about your mixes. thanks so much, this was lovely. i hope you don't mind me asking -- where is that beautiful quote in your description from?

thank youuuu so much! your comments are always so nice. i bought the glow pt. 2 vinyl at a mount eerie show last week (which i was so happy to see). the record insert has lyrics, but for the moon it's just a long stream-of-consciousness story with sort-of lyrics interspersed. thus the quote.

so incredible. you actually just inspired me to download mount eerie's 'dawn,' but now i want to hunt down this vinyl, too!!! thanks, again and always, for the fabulous new music!