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Notes from a Field Butcher

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I absolutely love this playlist. I have been planning to make a psycoteeth playlist in the near future and this has definitely inspired me. I can't help but to listen to this over and over again it is just that awesome!

@highwayInferno Hell yeah! There needs to be more psychoteeth in the world, I'm looking forward to listening! Also, thank you for the kind words <3

I wish I could like this a second time because it's really, really, REALLY good. I mean I love it when someone has song ideas for a playlist for ANYTHING I'm interested in, but it's just the most amazing thing when it's also music I really like on its own! <2

@mightbeanasshole You're too kind! Glad I was able to tickle ya' fancy. Honestly, I've only recently discovered your works and I'm so glad I have! Keep writing things that make you happy and I'm sure everyone, including myself, will continue to thoroughly enjoy them! <3