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Rain In Texas - An Unrequited Love Playlist


To Gavin, love was a foreign language. Sure he had been involved in relationships before, but it never felt genuine. Always Forced. Always too vanilla. So on that fateful day at the pool, when playful looks turned into playful flirting, and playful touches turned into something much more, he knew this was different. This felt right. This was what those crappy teen summer movies always described. This was love... But people change, and Gavin is stuck falling for a boy he could never have.

(Please note, Rain in Texas has been a story I've developed over the course of going through my own personal breakup and dealing with other such issues in which the love was one-sided. Due to it being a story in development, i have yet to publish a fanfic for it, but I'll update this as soon as I do!)

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