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Bruised Cervix

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one song in and i'm already entirely sure this playlist glorifies rape as just "another form of sex" when it is, in fact, a display of perceived control of one party over another and, although sadly not always treated as such, a crime. if this is true and that is the purpose of this playlist, then allow me to say what the FUCK?! that's fucking terrible, and it shouldn't be added to all these "sex" playlists i'm seeing in the sidebar, because RAPE!! IS!! NOT!! SEX!!! if it's enthusiastically-consensual, it's sex; there's no sex without sober, un-coerced, enthusiastic consent from all parties involved. some people create "rape" playlists as a way of coping, and that's perfectly okay, but creating a playlist with the intent of GLORIFING rape, as this one does, is SO FAR REMOVED FROM OKAY. and i'm sorry if this came off as incredibly hateful, but I do GENUINELY HATE the existence of this playlist, and I think a lotta people agree with me here. this is triggering for so many people and insensitive to so many people's experiences. please reconsider the next time you're about to create something like this, and consider removing this, if at all possible (i'm pretty new to this website, i'm not sure if you can do that here but please - do it if you can).