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@impossible girl I'm re-reading the books right now and can I just say DAMN because it is awesome and terrible and great how ACCURATE your soundtrack for the books is. Like-- this plays like a movie in my head. You did so great. Ugh. Wow.

this is an amazing playlist, all of the songs fit the theme of the books so well and theyre also really great to study to, thanks for making this playlist

this playlist has quickly become one of my favorites, i don't know how you captured the feelings of the book so well but you did it perfectly!!! my favorite track has to be 'we're turning into regular people' for blue and noah cause it's uplifting but still sounds a little sad and even the title of the track fits so well. anyways this is gorgeous so thank you

This is an absolutely gorgeous mix--I love it!! Each piece is chosen with care and it really shows through. The descriptions you wrote truly add to the beauty of this playlist--they make the story come alive again in my head. This playlist would also be perfect for writing, and I'm truly glad I found this. I'll check out more of your playlists! xoxo