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Instrumental music with a beat.
So you can study without falling asleep.

[Thank you for getting me my first Gem and Gold playlist with this mix!! Much love xo.]

For my complete study collection:

12 tracks
7 comments on focus.

AWESOME MIX! Got me through a pile of work i had to get done early morning. Just pure bliss, forgot where i was and got my head stuck on the job. You sir, earned my comment for this amazing mix. keep them coming

All of your focus playlist are awesome, my medicine exams are this week and I can't stop listening to them, it's so perfect to study thank you!

@marinemantion Happy my medical exams procrastination is helping your studying! Always awesome to meet other medical students through this :) Good luck!! And thanks for the kind words <3

@impossible.soul Us med students have to stick together - this is killing my med study for Neuropathology. Cerebroascular infarct ain't got nothing when hit with a good dose of Flying Lotus ;)