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dorito moutain dew

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this is a joke

  • Dorito Remix by me
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  • Peridot by Falcorium
  • Stronger than Nightcore by Falcorium
  • Doritos Theme Song Feat. Starrkeisha by ncfh
  • 40 YEARS OF GAMING Dan Bull by Equivalent_Mayhem
  • Zarcort Ft. Piter-G by CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS RAP
  • Diet Moutain Dew (Cover) by NatanYael
  • Capcom Code by Fedora
  • Remix Video Game by Lana Del Rey
  • Perry the Platypus (Letter L Remix) [from Phineas and Ferb] by MathiasMusic
  • M'lady *tip* by KnotKnox
11 tracks