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Beginner's Guide to Indie


These are my favourite songs atm, my recommended playlist for people who have just started loving the indie world of music.
Including the indie geniuses of: The Neighbourhood, Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, etc.

This is my first mix ever, I hope you guys like it xx

15 tracks
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Can I just say that i am completely undenyably in love with this mix? I probably listen to this at least 2 times a day and it has every single one of my favorite songs! You have such great taste in music and thank u so much for making this mix. And please make more, if they're even half as good as this one, i can promise you it will be PERFECTION!!! omg ok I'm gonna stop myself because this is probably going to turn into a love poem about how much i love this mix so hahaha. yeah thanx for making this and I LOVE IT <3

Thank you, I love how some songs I didn't know, some were my favorites, and at the end of the mix I loved all of them! I don't think I skipped ANY. You should make more indie pop/rock mixes, minus all the songs everyone already knows/hears all the time!