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in this reality (or another)


for the impossible -

whizzing streetlights; damp black t-shirts; quickened sighs; impromptu laughter; fervid lips, fervid hands. whispered promises dripping with double meaning and a malicious, almost addictive, sweetness.

"make me."

he finishes her sentences with a hardened kiss. her nails trace the letters of his name on his collarbones. they dance a dance of wandering fingers, soft mouths, & entangled legs.

never has the sensation of skin on skin felt so urgent. never has darkness cloaked such a luminous flame. never has the crook of a neck felt more at home.

("tell me that i'm yours.")
("you're mine. all mine.")

one breath, two breaths, three. a grip tightens. disbelief coats the words being murmured into her shoulder. music swells.

(and with it, their hearts).

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