Incurable Necromantic
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Nothing More Dangerous Than a Boy with Charm


"Is there anything I can do?"

"Select some music for the evening, if you will. The Device is there on the table."

"All right! ... Herod?"

"Yes, Lorna?"

"What's this?"

"I would treasure until the last of my days the delicate tone of a specific noun falling from your youthful lips."

"This playlist. It's...adorable."

"Oh, yes, I thought A Beginner's Guide to John Cage was rather funny, myself."

"No. I mean the one with the smiling man on the cover--"

"THAT's--ahem. A mere nothing. A work in progress. Pick another."

"The man looks oddly familiar, doesn't he?"

"I'd not noticed! How exceedingly peculiar. Come in here, dear child, and I'll teach you to flambé."


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