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Indieberlin, You Are My Recurring Dream.


Check out for some news, reviews and interviews on the Berlin independent scene - Eleven Tracks including music by "Lexy And The Kill" and many more +++ You can download the great Album "Loomings" by "Seeräuber Jenny" for FREE here: +++ Watch the fantastic Video to "My Recurring Dream" by Cold Mailman here: +++ Picture by "Banksy"

8 tracks
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Niagara - Seal
Cold Mailman - My Recurring Dream
Imagine Dragons - Amsterdam
Fake Major - Little Researcher
Kilto Take - Atonement
Seeräuber Jenny - Stay Here
Lexy And The Kill - Black Dog
The Postal Service - Tattered Line Of String
Skint & Demoralised - Breakfast at Sylvia´s
Sunjacket - Grandstanders
Dorena - From The Window Of My Room