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Tag und Nacht und auch im Winter: Stargazer Records!


Hello! prouldy present an exclusive guestmix by Isabel of "Stargazer Records" from Wuppertal! This mix is called "Cloudy Day" and Isabel presents eight of her favourite tracks and musicians. They are not on "Stargazer Records", so please make sure to check out the links for more details about the other fantastic artists on this great label! :) Vielen Dank Isabel!!!

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  • Calling Sky by The Year Of
  • Return To (feat. Tom Snowdon) | (About Face LP | 2014) by #1 Dads
  • MOONFACE 'Everyone is Noah, Everyone is the Ark' by Paper Bag Records
  • War in Heaven by The Raveonettes
  • Hex by Xul Zolar
  • Hypericum by Gem Club
  • The Best Thing by Electric Youth
  • Twentynine Palms by Arms and Sleepers
8 tracks
3 comments on Tag und Nacht und auch im Winter: Stargazer Records!

The Year Of - Calling Sky - "The perfect track to start a cloudy day with."
#1 Dads - Return To (feat. Tom Snowdon) - "I’m a hundred different pieces, a million reasons, in a single knot"
Moonface - Everyone Is Noah, Everyone Is The Ark - "Everyone is here for the purpose of life. Everyone is struggling. Everyone is equal. Human beings often forget about that fact. "I don't know if I can call this home."
The Raveonettes - War In Heaven - "Life is sepia-inked, sometimes."
Xul Zolar - Hex - "A track that embraces you when you need it the most."
Gem Club - Hypericum - "Can you feel the raindrops on your skin?"
Electric Youth - The Best Thing - "The best things just happen. If you let them happen - which might be the most difficult thing on earth though."
Arms And Sleepers - Twentynine Palms - "This track sneaks up and hits. Without a warning."