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Tag und Nacht und auch im Winter: We Only Said!

Notes prouldy present an exclusive guestmix by Flo of "We Only Said" from France!
Flo collected some of his favourite bands for us.
You can hear great music from bands like "Slint", "Mermonte" or "Blonde Redhead".
So please check out this great playlist!
Thank you Flo and "We Only Said" and merry Christmas to you all!

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  • I Can't Get Next to You by Thee More Shallows
  • TO BE STRONG by Laetitia Sheriff
  • Mount Modern by Dad Rocks!
  • LITTLE CHICK by My Name Is Nobody
  • Have A Safe Trip, Dear by June of 44
  • Karel Fracapane by Mermonte
  • Futurism Vs. Passeism by Blonde redhead
  • There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Missing Season
  • Timber Timbre – Curtains?! by Arts & Crafts
  • Festivalbini by Recreation Center
  • Seen Not Heard by Unwound
  • Riviére by Abstrackt Keal Agram
  • SLINT by Slint
  • First train home by trunks
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THEE MORE SHALLOWS - I CAN'T GET NEXT TO YOU - My new favorite old band, fantastic, every song, every album is awesome.

LAETITIA SHERIFF - TO BE STRONG - One of my best friend - I play with her in a band called TRUNKS - the new album came out last month and it's marvellous. Spread the word!

DAD ROCKS! - BATTLE HYMN OF THE FOX FATHER - I listen to this song every day. Simple and beautiful. This band is on my record label, "Les Disques Normal", check it out!

MY NAME IS NOBODY - LITTLE CHICK - Another friend of mine, from Nantes. Great band.

JUNE OF 44 - HAVE A SAFE TRIP, DEAR - Because it's one of my favorite bands.

MERMONTE - KAREL FRACAPANE - Friends again. Best actual band from my town, Rennes. They're huge!


THE MISSING SEASON - THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT (THE SMITHS COVER) - Friends from Rennes, again. Because it's one of the best cover I know.

TIMBER TIMBRE - CURTAINS?! - Best live band I've seen this year.

TOTORRO - FESTIVALBINI - Young guys from Rennes. Future stars of math-rock!

UNWOUND - SEEN NOT HEARD - Incredible old band from the 90's.

ABSTRACKT KEAL AGRAM - RIVIERE - 'Cause I like electronic music too. From Morlaix, France.

SLINT - CORTEZ THE KILLER (LIVE CHICAGO 1989) - Best band ever + cover of best neil young's song ever.

TRUNKS - FIRST TRAIN HOME - My other band, last song of our last record.