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2013's Breakout Acts!


Here's our list of 8 up-and-coming musicians to be on the lookout for in 2014! If these guys don't make it big, I don't know who will.

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- Matt

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wow! frst IC that was a stellar playlist you rock. Second, these haters can suck it! you dont need to worry about offending anyone, if they dont like it too bad. it happens to be that i recive a check every month that says im enough of a memebee of a certain tribe to be reciving said funds. i didnt think twice about the head dress, couldnt care less. no one cares if moron maria listens to the mix not. dont get me wrong people should be respectful of one another but really why even say anything im startin to feel dumb for writing this

Haha thanks man! Yeah we don't think the photographer meant any wrongdoings by taking the photo; just wanted a picture of a lovely lady. And they look to have gotten that.