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Ultimate Deep House Collection; Part 4.


Some of the best Deep House tunes.

I've selected over 300 songs and made 4 mixes out of it, so this is the last part.

The first songs might just not be the songs you expected to hear, however I do think you'll like them. After a while the typical deep house songs will blast through your speakers. Hope you like it!

The Tracklist:

Ultimate Deep House Collection:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

87 tracks
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Do you have it somewhere zipped all 4 parts of the Ultimate Deep House Collection? I would be really grateful if you could give us download link , so we don't have to dl like 350 tracks separately :)

I don't have a zip file, but I've added the songs on Spotify and you can easily download it from there. Just instal Spotify and the program called Spotydl. You can easily select all the songs from the spotify list and drag them to Spotydl. Press the download button and soon you'll have all 357 songs! I guess that's the best way to go ;)

The spotify playlist: