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It just might give you the chills.


60+ of my favourite indie/folk/alt songs that really resonate deeply... And whether it be happiness, tears, or just plain awe; it's damn infectious. So after listening to this, I bet you'll definately feel something too

Underlying emotion is fear..

59 tracks
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This was one of the first playlists I ever listened to back in 2012, so glad I found it all these years later. Thanks for the amazing music!

Ok, how do I begin to explain to you how much i love this mix. I get chills every single time. This is the only mix that has ever calmed when I'm in the worst mood, put me to sleep, made my day more awesome, given me a great dance all at the same time.

Thank you

thank you, thank you so fucking much. For making mix after mix with the best music! I don't get how you know so much good music. . wish I was like that! keep up the good work:)

i think i love you. damn, nobody has jesus christ on their playlists. well done all the way through. like i made it myself...