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Wall Street Elevator Music (Pt. 4)


The fourth installment of the Wall Street Elevator Music series, best paired with a glass of red wine and your sexiest dancing shoes. I like to think of sexiness as a combination of style, confidence and effortless appeal. And if there ever was a mix to capture this feel, It would be this one. 26 tracks that are effortlessly swanky, fun, and most definitely sexy. Featuring Gramatik, Sir Sly, and Vampire Weekend.

23 tracks
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Where in shit filled internet land do you find your ear tingling music? I waste far too much of my time searching for good music, let alone what genre it is. Can you possibly give me a list of sites, blogs, radio stations, or people to look into for new and upcoming music like this. I've been trying to find this kind of stuff for a while. Just downloaded all five of your playlists and made the tallest elevator. Keep it up.

sorry , on a train. It was tha first and best and I have been a loyal follower of the series. Keep doin what u r doin Indiek!