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Moony and Padfoot


A mix about Remus Lupin and Sirius Black's (technically not exactly canon) relationship around years 1978-1981 -- holding onto each other hard and fast, in spite of everything.

A story of desperate love, passionate but slowly fading into suspicion and heartbreak.

Songs by Ed Sheeran, Oasis, James Vincent McMorrow, etc.

Fan art: Nisie

10 tracks
6 comments on Moony and Padfoot

Gggg, omg I just love this, the cover is amazing, the concept is awesome and i just LOVE the songs with all my heart.
Just... I can't listen two of the songs, but that's all. Congratulations for make me cry and smile at the same time.

first of all, i absolutely adore this! second of all, where did you find the cover? i've been looking for something similar for a wolfstar mix, and can't find anything. :(

thank you! i just went through the tumblrs of artist who ship Sirius/Remus. try to search "wolfstar" through tumblr maybe? you can also try deviantart and look for shareable works... I hope this helps xx