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The 15 Stages of Nerding Out Over a Loss


The ultimate playlist to listen to when you come to an end of a favorite TV show, movie series, book series, or basically any series of any sort that you have grown to love.
Songs 1-5 are Phase 1: Sorrow
Song 6-10 are Phase 2: Anger
And songs 11-15 are Phase 3: Coping
Each song is a different stage in the phase it belongs to. For example, song number 6 is Stage six: Utter Insanity which belongs to Phase 2: Anger.

15 tracks
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I have edited this more. I have taken out some songs that do not fit very well, and added some that do sound better. And as a side note, be warned that the song types will change every five songs. First phase is sorrow, so expect slow and sad songs that can make you cry at the right time. Phase two is anger, so you should be ready for some pretty loud stuff, but that still works for this mix, but again, be warned. And the last phase is the best in my opinion, coping. Here you can expect some easy listening, but you just might still cry...