Infinite Sentience
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5 comments on The Nowhere Kids

@ludenberg And I missed being here! Again, my friend, I am so sorry for being going for song long and missing out on your genius of mixes. I am so happy to be back and I have had a great time listening to your genius at work with your most recent mixes. As soon as I heard the first few songs from them, I instantly clicked the "like" button and wrote a comment that hope was able to convey how much I loved them. Anyway, thank you for listening, my friend, I really missed your kind words. . .

I don't check 8tracks for awhile and when I come back I see this? I was not informed? Did you really think you could get away with not telling me that this is a thing that exists? I would be irritated at you if I weren't so excited, Sentience. And if this didn't immediately sound amazing. Curses.

And two more playlists like it. What. The hecky. You are immediately tapping into my weakness for young vagabonds. Unfair. BUT. Amazing. Gosh dang I love this song. You win this round. (I am very excited, friend.)