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Duty (bound)


For Francis.

The future King of France, the young man meant to bear the weight of a throne he never asked for, and the pain of a heart he doesn't want.

[Warning: slightly loud and anarchic (headphones recommended); mixed genre;]

10 tracks
2 comments on Duty (bound)

holy crap man. Your mixes for reign is just beautiful and flawless and omg I can't believe how perfect they represent the show as a whole. You my friend, have great sense of music, especially for putting together mixes.

Ugh all of your Reign mixes are amazing. A+. They're a real reflection of the show and have an amazing flow to them. Sometimes a song will cycle through and I'll just throw up my hands like, "YES. yes. yes. perfect."

I FEEL LIKE CRYING :')) Thank you so very much, I really appreciate this, like you have no idea. I love making mixes and choosing and ordering the songs are things that I obsess over. Thank you good sir :D