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A playlist of all my favourite ARR theme's ans BGM's. Those we dont really pay attention to, but are the heart and soul of most of his movies. A playlist that will breathe life into a dull phase and put a serene smile on your face.

  • Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa by Title Track
  • Sillunu Oru Kaadhal by Lovers Unite
  • Alaipayuthey! :) by Happiness theme
  • A R Rahman's heavenly BGM ♥ by ♥ Jaane tu.. ya jaane na
  • JEANS by BGM
  • Bombay theme music by 4ever-remembering
  • A Generation Awakens by Rang De Basanti Background Score
  • BGM by Swades
  • Rang De Basanti Theme by deejaymusi
  • sivaji Revenge theme by ashikahmed
  • A r rahman bgm sivaji the boss main theme music at intermission by Syed Ashik
  • Anjali instrumental (Rijo by Duet
12 tracks
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