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VGM Serenity


Updated August 2nd, 2013

Let the gentle sounds of this mix composed of various video game tracks bring you to a better place and time.

Includes tracks from games such as Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Halo.

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28 tracks
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I gotta say everytime i listen to this mix i skip the Character Creation - Dark souls song because the contrast of sound volume is too sudden. I've never even given it a chance because of this. It feels like it doesn't belong in this mix. Otherwise i still come back here even after over one year!

actually is it possible that it's fetching the wrong soundtrack? The soundcloud link isn't related to dark souls music at all, and that's what i'm getting.

I've gotten so much study done today with this on repeat, such an amazing, soothing set! (and so much less scattered and awkward than my own VG mix, eep) And I may have shed a nostalgic tear when Build Mode 6 came on, no lie.

Thank you for the kind comment, and I am glad I could help you get some studying in! To be honest, out of the many video game playlists that appear in the tag, yours was the first in a long time I really enjoyed. So give yourself some more credit. :)