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Sea Voyage

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For the open oceans and the stormy seas and for the sailors in need of a southern breeze.

  • Children of Salt and Sea by Mary J. Gunderson
  • Spoils of Plunder by Sub Pub Music
  • Pirate Song (FIRST OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK) by Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
  • The Far Side Of The World by Iva Davies, Christopher Gordon & Richard Tognetti
  • The Cuckold Comes Out Of The Amery by Phillip Ayling
  • Sailors theme by jussihuhtala
  • Arrembaggio by Sub Pub Music
  • Rio Grande by Pressgang Mutiny
  • Story Girl: The Sailor and the Mermaid by The Gothard Sisters
  • Galaxia Sailor by Steve Martin
  • Captain Thompson by Aodán Coyne
  • Long Journey (Pirate Themed) by Requested
  • Ulmo by Bleeding Fingers Contest
13 tracks