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The Villain's Theme


Your villain is either a cold-hearted monster, misunderstood, or a misunderstood monster. Maybe they have a deep hatred for humanity or possibly a creepy and misguided sense of humor. Maybe they're just bored and in need of control. Or perhaps more likely, they're just plain evil. Whoever your villain is, they deserve a theme song of their own.

  • Jungle [] by Jamie N Commons & X Ambassadors
  • Apologize from the sentinel by Áts Attila
  • Saw Theme Music by Charlie Clouser
  • Blood On My Name by The Wright Brothers
  • Battle 5 by Klingon Academy
  • Lose Your Soul by Dead Man's Bones
  • Puma Punku by Mark Petrie Composer
  • The Darkest Hour by DANIEL LENZ
  • My Turn To Evil (Alistair's Edit) by Letters Vs Numbers
  • Dead Silence (OST) by Charlie Clouser
  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King by Arthas, My Son
  • The Walking Dead Theme Oficial by Rick Grimes 6
12 tracks