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sonic seratonin


nothing but positive, downtempo vibes.
the world moves too quickly, take some time to slow down and enjoy the little moments.

euphoria courtesy of artists including:
beats antique

my first downtempo collection:
volume three:
volume four:

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22 tracks
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Oh god, I can only imagine - my best friend teaches 7th grade english, and the pictures he sends me of his students' work is horrifying.

Your imagination is probably attuned to my situation. I teach 6th grade Special Education....Ugh.

So you live in NYC. I grew up in Queens and lived in Brooklyn for a few years back in the last century.

Special Ed definitely isn't for the faint of heart, but at the end of the day I imagine that it's quite rewarding.
I'm a big fan of Queens and parts of BK - I currently live in the Bronx, myself. Where did you move to after BK?