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"You're mine from today."

Thank you for 100 followers! :D Another bittersweet, calm mix. Please do enjoy :)
Coincidentally, Kim Woo Bin was the perfect model for this mix, heh.

  • Nell 01 Decompose by nennenkorori
  • A Universal Song by Broccoli You Too
  • Time Traveler by mintgray
  • Old News But Good News by Learning Music
  • Yes, I'm In Love by Every Single Day
  • Beside by mintgray
  • 델리 스파이스 (Deli Spice) by 종이비행기
  • 이제 그만 by 차가운 체리(Cold Cherry)
  • NELL(넬) by Nell(넬)
  • Everything Forever by Henry Kaiser
  • Four Times Around the Sun by Nell
11 tracks
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