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This is the New Future


You have reached the seedy underbelly; the bad part of town at the rock bottom of your life. A dystopia you never wanted is the life you've always had. You've always suspected something was wrong, but you've only just begun to realize it. You hear music coming from a nearby club; it sounds good. No money. No way to get in, so you scale the nearby wall while the bouncers are distracted with some regulars. You find people thinking the way you've been thinking a long time. Will you join the chant?

  • Join in the Chant (Burn!) by Nitzer Ebb
  • Neurozone by Demo
  • We Are The New Ones by Dope Stars Inc.
  • "New World Order" by Alec Empire
  • The Hand That Feeds (2005) by nineinchnails
  • Subversion by FileTransferProtocol
  • Slipknot Sulfur by keiralaceylulu
  • Public Enemy by In Virgo
8 tracks
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