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Through the starry nights it shows


So this past year has been very difficult trying to make good quality playlists for you guys ever since 8tracks discontinued their partnership with Soundcloud. Their library has been inadequate in providing the music that I want you guys to hear and it sucks the enjoyment that I used to have when making these playlists. Because of this issue, I will be taking much longer to post new mixes until 8tracks expands their library.

For people who want to hear more playlists from me, go to my spotify link below and I wish you all a happy new year :)

If you have any additional questions, leave a comment and I'll answer them.

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This playlist is fantastic, one question: Where did you find that version of "Oh Honey"? I would love to download it, it sounds better than any other version of that track I have ever heard.

@tylerhubbert I tried looking for this version on other platforns too, but I guess it's exclusive to the 8tracks library. I'm glad you loved the playlist, thank you for the support!

I feel the seperation with soundclound, but the hardest thing for me is the limited listening time. I've been using this app forever- and it just used to be so much better.

@lovesmilewrite exactly! it feels so strange to see how much this platform changed and how many more restrictions there are since I joined. This used to be my favorite way of finding new music and connecting with new people, but now it is just a fading memory....