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Southern Discomfort Vol.1


Mostly this is so I can write while I'm at work.

BUT I was also asked about music and pictures that inspired my TWD fanfiction by a few of my followers, so I'm killing two birds with one stone. This is music that has inspired me for the first part of my VERY LONG story, roughly chapters 1 - 12 or so. As the story develops and my characters get older, the song styles and focus will shift with them. Also I've compiled a few of my favorite images from my inspiration gallery, some will be very recognizable to whoever has read the story. I hope this is entertaining to some, and it will give me access to my playlist while I'm at work.

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32 tracks
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Omg I can't believe you actually did it! This is everything I hoped it'd be, and that song by safetysuit I'm seriously about to cry it's so perfect