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In Remembrance of Rumi (d. Dec. 17th)


"Courageous man, ascend now like a dove
And hear sweet sama, music from above!"
-- Rumi

The Sufi practice discussed most in the early manuals of Sufism is that of listening to music, commonly referred to as ‘musical audition’ (sama). Listening to poetry being sung to music, while immersed in the remembrance of God and unaware of oneself, induced ecstasy in worshippers.

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When you see the face of anger
look behind it
and you will see the face of pride.
Bring anger and pride
under your feet, turn them into a ladder
and climb higher.
There is no peace until you become
their master.
Let go of anger, it may taste sweet
but it kills.
Don't become its victim
you need humility to climb to freedom.
--- Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī (Rumi)
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“Reflection is the lamp of the heart. If it departs, the heart will have no light.” - ʻAbd Allāh ibn ʻAlawī ʻAṭṭās

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In love, nothing exists between heart and heart.
Speech is born out of longing,
True description from the real taste.
The one who tastes, knows;
the one who explains, lies.
How can you describe the true form of Something
In whose presence you are blotted out?
And in whose being you still exist?
And who lives as a sign for your journey?

Rabia al-Adawiyya
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