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✧ ✦17✦ ✧


basking in the last throes of my childhood, and trying not to cry about it.

all out adventures are gone now! i guess! say bye to the teenage romance i never had. oh it's a bit tragic, i guess.

Our Summers are yet to be over, i still feel the echoes, it can't be past.

we thought we were old enough; it was the youngest we'd ever been.

[remake of my other mix bc some of the tracks damn broken sia]

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So it's my 18 birthday today, and I don't know what to feel. Now that i've just turned an adult - oh i desperately miss being a kid again. I miss it like something is raw and bleeding and i need the reassurance kids are meant to get, the lightness of being young. But thinking about this - my childhood was filled with depravity and crying and growing up too fast and the hands of older men. I'm still bitter about it - but maybe it's okay because I never had a childhood to begin with. Not like most kids. Maybe i'll be okay and all of this will stop throbbing after a while. I hope so