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✖✖✖ murmurings in a field hospital ✖✖✖


( Losses of God,
All will go
and one day
we will hold
only the shadows) - Carl Sandburg

[songs are supposed to be in chronological order. from alternating perspectives but usually tsukiyama's]

sorry ab the shitty cover image lol

ableist slurs cw

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Oh!!! Thank you so much!!! I'm really glad that I got them!! I love shuu so much lmao and it's ok!!! Omfg this is the nicest compliment my mixes have ever gotten

List SO MUCH. SO MUCH. wow sorry this was like 2 things long whoops that's kinda embarrassing ^^;; but like YES A+++ ALL THE GOLD STARS THANK YOU

Holy CRAP. SON. THIS IS IT. sorry if this is pretty late?? but hOLY CRAP. YES. YOU GOT IT. THIS IS SO?? SO PERFECT. SO THEM. UGH I AM REALLY IN LOVE RIGHT NOW HOLY SHIT. the moment I heard "just like heaven" I was like hOE DONT DO IT BUT YOU DID AND I AM SO HAPPY. I love this play