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Why don't you all just fade away


My generation. The 90s. When Nickelodeon was at its best. The kids of My So-Called Life always said the full name of each character: "Jordan Catalano is like so dreamy." I wanted to marry Kurt Cobain. We had the Gen. X movies and future cult favorites - Empire Records(album title/cover), Reality Bites, Clerks. Kevin Smith was(is) my hero. We all experienced it differently, but this is how I lived the 90s... albeit it was fun, a part of me still wants to claim that I "hated" my childhood.

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I swear the best music was made in the 90's; artist could express themselves with more freedom. I was 17 when Nirvana, Beavis and Butthead, and TLC were popular. Remember when MTV was about the music? Cheers! Here's to all the things you could get away with before we became adults!