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Fallin' for Fall 2012


Oh hey, so it's fall now if you haven't noticed, so here's a somewhat-eclectic mix of songs that I love to listen to during the fall. I've collected these songs over the years as my fall songs, some pretty recently. Enjoy, and then go to a festival or something.

EDIT: I've heard some pretty awesome songs lately, so I'm adding a few more on here for your listening pleasure.

60 tracks
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So far I'm loving it, but I'd say there are a few oddballs that kind of ruin the mood for me. No bad songs, just songs that I don't expect in this playlist. Amazing nonetheless!

Haha thanks! Yeah, I tend to have kind of an eclectic taste in music. My iTunes songs are like all over the place! I had a few songs I was questioning putting on here, so I figured try it and see what happens!