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the flower that didn't bloom


because even now, after all these years, the only thing that satoru knows for certain is that he still loves him -- their faceless, nameless friend.

12 tracks
4 comments on the flower that didn't bloom

gosh this mix makes me so sad but you captured their relationship so perfectly, and i really love that... tbh satoru/saki/shun should've been a polyamorous couple, it would've been nice... but yeah, great job on this mix, it made me cry a few tears!

@ryougi oh my god first of all, sorry for the super late reply! and thank you for the lovely message!! tbh i didn't really like saki, but i admit that satoru/saki/shun would've worked perfectly fine.

Perfect fanmix for this pair. I totally agree that their relationship should have been expanded a bit more. Then again, the story only focuses more on what Saki feels than the others.

thank you so much! yes, i understand that, but i still feel it's a bit unfair for satoru. after all, he loves shun just as much as saki does.