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i'm not alone | ひとりじゃない


lets watch the sunrise together
ride our bikes down the street
eat popsicles in the summer heat
now that you're here by my side
i'm not afraid, not anymore

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6 comments on i'm not alone | ひとりじゃない

@Official_Luna Thank you so so so much! Honestly, it makes me so happy you enjoyed it. And I thought the Inuyasha track was very nostalgic too, haha! Thanks for taking time out of your day to comment, I really appreciate

this has been in my sleep playlist for months now and it's so lovely. the caption fills me with the strangest kind of nostalgia

@spoooky so you have completely made my day... thank you! as someone who often falls asleep to a mix it's so cool and wonderful that you would listen to mine. when i thought of the caption i tried to imagine this warm feeling of having someone you love by your side. anyways, I'm so happy you liked it!