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God Of Knowledge


Second in line to the throne of Ra
(and smarter than all of y'all)

  • Snitches and Talkers Get Stitches and Walkers (From Under the Cork Tree [2006]) by Fall Out Boy
  • I Am Not A Robot by Marina and the Diamonds
  • Still Smarter (Than You) by Bryce can't Reed.
  • (Pluto) I'll Never Forget You by jannamark
  • Exclusive by Planet X by Impak
  • Pluto (Remember You) featuring Beatenberg (Radio Edit) by DJ Clock
  • Trip Hop & Acid Jazz & Trance by Aphex Twin
  • They Might Be Giants "Meet the Elements" Live at KDHX 10/9/09 by KDHX
  • Technologic [Fool Remix] by Daft Punk
  • The Periodic Table Song (In Order) by VVkimmikVV
  • Believe It Or Not (Greatest American Hero) by Ralph Supermaxieroe
  • Green Day by Holiday
12 tracks
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