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Movie Music That Makes Me Glad To Be Alive


Film scores are the rock and roll of my teen years. I regard John Williams with the adoration many people save for the Beatles. Bruce Broughton is the artist I think everyone should know about and no one does. Thomas Newman could fling notes on a page and I'd love it. Movie soundtracks excite and calm, inspire elation and focus. So sit back and enjoy some of my all-time favorites. There will be more of these mixes. I have a lot of favorites!

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@stephen.seitz Yes! Thank you for reminding me. That particular track was off a re-recording of the soundtrack, so the artist info is technically correct although I've been meaning to indicate somehow that John Barry was the composer. He wasn't directly involved in that album though. Glad you like the playlist! -Inverted312 (this computer auto-logs into my friends account, hence the different name.)