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Blacklist Season 1 Complete


Should be fixed from when 8tracks messed it up and deleted or replaced tracks with pop-country. If you find any problems let me know.

Soundtrack from the NBC TV show The Blacklist. Every song from season 1. I'm only missing 1 at this point which I could not identify. So if you know the names of the song playing at the embassy when Red dances with Madeline please let me know so I can update it.

66 tracks
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Awesome work. Is there a platform I can listen to it other than YouTube? I am in Australia. Or download the list and source them for myself perhaps. I cant use 8tracks.

@marnie-s-110901 I don't know what other platforms there are for this besides YouTube and 8tracks (for some reason spotify has never worked for me). However, you can find a list of tracks used over on tunefind at (hopefully we're allowed links in the comments, otherwise a google search should bring the site up pretty easily). I was one of the contributors to that list so it should be complete. If you have any trouble finding a song on there I could probably help direct you on individual songs. For example, the music box song doesn't actually have an exact recording from that box, but you can find a piano recording with kind of the same feeling by Jon England. That kind of thing.