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The Outbreak and the Aftermath, Pt 3: The Beauty of Nothing


When there are no more enemies left to fight, what becomes of the world they left behind? Our heroine has survived the apocalypse, but besides the crumbling ruins, theres nothing left. Man must start over again. She is left in deep reflection of what was lost and what is to come, with the rusting reminders of the past silently looking on.

This collection is different from the first two in that it is supposed to evoke hopeful solemnity and reflection. As always, a work in progress. Vers 1.

  • Stillness by Nest
  • Journey Home by Atrium Carceri
  • Horizons by Northaunt
  • Helluland by Cryo Chamber
  • Teimo by _type
  • TROUM by Troum
  • The Leap by Atrium Carceri
  • To Speak Of Solitude by Serein
  • 36 - Inside by stsevere
9 tracks
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