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Korean alternative music with keyboard/piano background that warms your heart.

  • 바라만 봐도 좋은데 by 노 리플라이
  • 음악하는 남자친구 (Feat. Kuan & 세렝게티) by 마르코(Marco)
  • 여자친구 (Feat. 바비킴, 정엽 (Chorus)) by 유니크노트(Uniqnote)
  • 투엘슨(2lson) by 투엘슨(2LSON)
  • I'm in Love (Piano remix) by Ra.D
  • D.ear (디어) by d.ear (디어)
  • 팔베개 by ddeok2
  • 뻔한 멜로디 (feat. Crush) by Zion.T
  • Apring is Spring by 40 (포티)
  • 다알아 I Already Know by Phantom 팬텀
  • URBAN ZAKAPA by Urban Zakapa
  • Fool for Love by Lee Hi
12 tracks
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