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Pixelated Sorrow


A playlist of all the dark and melancholic songs from videogames that really tear at your heartstrings...

Full Pixelated Emotions Collection Playlist:

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(please feel free to suggest more songs to add in the comments)

  • Dearly Beloved by 下村陽子
  • Main Menu by Normand Corbeil & Lorne Balfe
  • Skyward Sword by Fi's Farewell
  • The Last Time Travel by Junseok Na
  • The Other Promise by Mizugorou
  • 57 - Star-stealing Girl by Sabreisk
  • Halo 3 Never Forget Full by djdm22
  • Midna's Lament by Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • Jesper Kyd & Lorne Balfe by Main Theme
  • I Was Born For This by Austin Wintory
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If you ever do a "Pixelated Mystery," you should put the opening theme of Misao. Or you could put it on here... If you'be finished the game, the theme can really be heart-breaking

oh man i love this so much :D it's so pretty despite all the music being so sad.
you should put some professor layton tracks on here. "unwound future" or the track simply titled "sorrow" would be perfect, i think uvu
but i haven't gotten too far in this mix yet ( i just know i'm in love with it haha) so i don't know if you have any of those on here.

@Pastel Senpai No problem! Oh, and oops, i messed up! the song isn't called unwound future it's called "the last time travel"
I apologize uwu

@jamie all over no need to apologize! and i'm so sorry for the late reply, i'm moving out of state for college so my life's been kinda hectic lately but the song has been added and i think its a perfect fit! thank you for the recommendation~

One last thing, have you ever played To The Moon? It has some of the most beautiful and sad music I've ever heard in a video game. I cried several times playing it and sobbed my heart out in the end.