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Can't Help Falling In Love With You


Ever wanted to listen to seventeen different versions/covers of Can't Help Falling In Love? YOU'RE IN LUCK that's literally all this is

it's actually for research/convenience? but also like... enjoy, i guess?

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This makes me so happy because I didn't read the description and then got the surprise of seventeen versions of one song. I'm now incredibly curious what research this could be for?? this is cheering me up because the genres are SO random.... I'm sorry I just love this its so entertaining

@Dobble Haha, glad you enjoyed it! And it's research for a thing a friend and I are writing. We wanted a specific version to have in mind, and there's an awful lot of covers/versions out there to choose from, so I found a bunch of good ones and put them together so we could both listen to them all and decide which we liked best!