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darth wheezy


a mix dedicated to that fucking nerd known as darth vader.

or you could consider it a mix of songs that this fucking douchebag has on his ipod.

16 tracks
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Thank you! In regards to your question, no it's not but 8tracks has this super dumb and VERY annoying thing where I upload a song from my library and they change it. I'll try to fix it but it might not work.

I e-mailed 8tracks support and they helped me with the issue. It's all fixed and very much not annoying anymore as they explained to me how I can fix it myself in the future. It's also not super dumb anymore. Thanks 8tracks support ;)

First of all: this is now my fave mix on 8tracks. Second of all: this needs way more likes. Third of all: a quick question - pretty fly for a white guy for some reason plays "I'm Just a Kid" by Simple Plan - is it supposed to do that? and Last of all: BLESS YOU FOR THIS MIX

This mix has to be one of my fav mixes. Not only is it the perfect mix for Anakin, but the lightheartedness of it makes me smile every time I listen. Thank you for this!