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Good Omens: A Crown of Thorns


This mix is as much of a work in progress as the work that led to its inception; Crown of Thorns 'Verse is both still available on LJ ( and now posted to AO3 ( The series isn't complete, but been on hiatus since December while I work on some other projects. Eldanis ( has done the illustrations in this case, and one of her drawings has been used for the cover.

28 tracks
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this mix is the only thing getting me through sleepless cram nights. legitimately bless + ofc brilliant fic. you're a genius, angel

@fiedulis I'm so glad to hear that this mix is getting you through a tough week (or month, or whatever it's been; I remember that studying grind very well, seeing as I'm only a few years out of grad school)! Listen in (hopefully) good health, and good luck with whatever it is you're cramming for <3