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Songs of the Celts

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Music that inspires with a celtic vibe and undertones.

  • Lord of the Dance Cry of the Celts by zatak3689
  • Song Of The Celts by The Young Wolfe Tones
  • Beltane Fire Dance by MrMusik81
  • Caledonia by Damien Coughlan
  • Flower of Scotland by Anthems
  • Legend by Adrian Von Ziegler
  • Breath of the Forest by Mirheyder Memmedov
  • Come Little Children Katethegreat19 (Aka Sade sweet song) by Cars2htfsonicfan
  • Scarborough Fair by Celtic Woman
  • Traditional Irish Folk Song by Celtic Women
  • Scottish Music Bagpipes Lost song by Sindre G. B. Olsen
11 tracks